User Story: Mat Corman - "The perfect integration in Notes, was the winning factor"

From the customer service inbox comes yet another customer story from a long time eProductivity user...

I've been using eProductivity for several years since learning about it during a "Getting Things Done" (GTD) seminar presented by Eric Mack and David Allen.

I had tried several other GTD systems, including some Notes databases, but was never satisfied that I was achieving my desired level of organization and focus on day to day tasks.  Since switching to eProductivity I am much more confident in my awareness of current tasks and efforts.  The recently added mobility features in eProductivity allow me to continue to clear my in-box and track work efforts while on the go.

The perfect integration of the tool in Lotus Notes, was the winning factor that pushed me to the immediate acquisition of the tool. I immediately started using full eProductivity, filling the project database and associating these actions and relations with all the information (contacts, notes) combined. Actually I have more than 50 active projects with related actions and notes.

eProductivity is a great product and one that I have recommended and demonstrated to several co-workers.


Matt Corman Services Solutions Executive Industrial Sector IBM Global Technology Services

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