User Story: Jun Zhou - eProductivity Meetup in China

Another customer story from the customer service inbox:

We recently sent out an invitation to our customers inviting  them to join us in Boston for an in person eProductivity meetup with Eric Mack (the founder of eProductivity).  These meetups are great ways for people to come together and share tips and best practices for getting things done with Lotus Notes and eProductivity.

In one of the responses, we heard back from a customer in China who has been hosting her own productivity meetups:
eProductivity Meetup in China
I am now also hosting Time management in-person meetup in Shenzhen (a city in south China near Hong Kong) regularly. The frequency is once every two months. In coming September, we will have our 7th meeting. We share tips and best practices on time management, GTD, email efficiency, meet efficiency etc. People attending have increased from 10 people of 1st meeting to more than 50 people of the 6th meeting. On the 4th meeting in March 2012, I delivered a presentation about my experience of using eProductivity.  Here is a happy photo of the attendees.  

Jun Zhou

Someday, we hope to return to Asia to meet the growing number of eProductivity users. For now, we are delighted to  receive and share this story from Jun Zhou.

If YOU have a story about your experience getting things done with eProductivity, we'd like to hear from you. If you're willing to allow us to share it on our blog/web site, please include that in your email.

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