User Story: Gianluca Morbidelli - How eProductivity works in my "GTD life"

Another customer story from the customer service inbox:

I read the book, "Getting Things Done" in 2006, and was literally "struck" by the method proposed by David Allen and I started the implementation of the method immediately after the reading of the book. The implementation of the GTD approach has affected my entire life, both private and professional.

Three years ago I discovered eProductivity during a search on the internet relating to tools to support the implementation of the GTD method. At the time, I was looking for a tool that would allow me to integrate my project management and actions associated with them to the working environment. Until then I had to use, with much difficulty, all the relationships between projects, actions and e-mail.

The perfect integration of the tool in Lotus Notes, was the winning factor that pushed me to the immediate acquisition of the tool. I immediately started using full eProductivity, filling the project database and associating these actions and relations with all the information (contacts, notes) combined. Actually I have more than 50 active projects with related actions and notes.

Among all the features, the ones that have given me more support are:

  • The Weekly Review Coach: For years, the implementation of the GTD method, I did not implemented this key stage. With eProductivity, that provides a perfect tool to support this critical phase of the process, I have started to implement this phase, and it was the very big change and improvement in my "GTD life".
  • The management of connections between emails sent and ongoing projects: In this way they are able to control and have the history of "relationships" with colleagues.
  • In summary, eProductivity has allowed me to have precise control under all my work activities. It allowed me to have a tool that focuses on a single point control and organized management of everything that has to do with my work. My productivity in the work environment has increased and for this reason. I have recommended it to colleagues, to use this great tool.

    Cordiali saluti/Best regards

    Gianluca Morbidelli Project Executive SO Certified Project Executive Global Technology Services, IBM

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