User Story: Mirko Vollmer Getting Things Done with eProductivity

Here's another eProductivity user story from our mailbox...

Dear eProductivity team, dear Eric,

I would like to thank you for the work you are investing on eProductivity. It really helped to organize my life and work.  I would like to share my experiences. As I am not a native english speaker, please forgive some mistakes in the text ;-))

The reason I started looking for a solution like eProductivity is the desire to be better organized. I am an outside sales engineer, serving a big territory and taking care of a good amount of bigger and smaller projects. I also have a good number of customers which all have their own individual needs. And I am travelling a lot. In addition to my job, I am a husband and will be a father very soon. I am also a friend to my buddies etc. As you see, I am in different roles, but all are blurring into one another.

Discovering David Allen's GTD, I was in need to find my tool to integrate his way of getting things done into my life. The most advanced solution I could find is eProductivity. Your software helped me to keep the overview over my job life and my private one without having to choose different solutions. It really improved my way of living. I hardly missed deadlines anymore, became more organized in projects and a more reliable person in all my different roles. This was recognized by my wife, friends and business partners.

I could go on writing an essay about me and your software. Instead, I would just like to recommend to try eProductivity if he/she is already using Lotus Notes. It will have a huge, positive impact without adding more efforts to your everyday life.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards

i.A. Mirko Vollmer
Outside Sales Engineer
Flowserve - Flow Solutions Group - OEM
Germany / Austria

Thanks, Mirko, for sharing your story!

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