Sidebar widgets for Notes 8.x, coming soon!

If you're using Notes 8.x or 8.5x, you can use Sidebars to display information from a Notes application (e.g. eProductivity) even when that application is not open.

Here's a preview of just two of several new Sidebar widgets for eProductivity that you will soon be able to use: the Today view and the All by Context views.

The new The new

These widgets are being made to our Notes 8 Design Partners and will soon appear in the next release of eProductivity. These sidebar views are persistent - it does not matter what Notes application you have open - you can always review your Today list and your actions by contexts.

As part of our unified task management strategy, we are working on ways to allow you to drag and drop anything onto a context and manage it in Notes, GTD-Style, with eProductivity. (This includes web and mobile resources as well - a true unified view.)

Stay tuned, more to come!

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