My attempt to stop using eProductivity #Fail

Guest post by Vaughan Rivett. Originally posted here.

For over 12 months I had been using eProductivity for Lotus Notes to assist me with my productivity.  I thought that I would move to another GTD (Getting Things Done system) which runs on an Apple iPad.  I made the move and while I found a few things to be a bit different, I was determined to give it a go.  I really wanted something which was more portable.

Anyway, I tried several new iPad GTD applications for a few weeks, however, today I reinstalled eProductivity as I realized that my attempt to use something else was a big fat FAIL!

What I found about eProductivity during this process was that it is a really well thought out application which works really with the core applications that I spend most of my day using.  The only frustration I have at the moment is around portability and mobility, which I am sure is something that is being worked on by the eProductivity team.

There is an old saying which goes like this “You never miss what you’ve never had”.  Well, in this case I really missed eProductivity because I “had”!

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