Mobile Productivity: eProductivity on the Go

ManHoldingTreo.jpgHow to be more productive in our highly mobile world is clearly on your mind, based on the large volume of questions we get on the topic.  So let me give you a brief rundown on what options you have for using eProductivity on the Go.

The first thing you need to know is that eProductivity does not currently provide any on-device software to manage projects and actions. This is left to the built-in software on your device or any third-party solutions you install.

The ability to manage projects and actions on a mobile device is a function of (a) the device and its capabilities, (b) what you're syncing it to (e.g. Outlook or Notes) and, (c) what software you're using to handle the sync. Getting the best experience requires all three components to work well together. That said, having robust, elegant on-device software will really help your mobile productivity to shine.

As you would expect, some devices do a better job with native task-management software than others. For on-device management of projects and actions, we still favor (as does David Allen) the Palm Treo due to its simple interface. Some devices, like the Windows Mobile or Blackberry devices add too many steps to get to your tasks, creating unconscious resistance. While the BlackBerry is an elegant platform and syncs beautifully, it also adds a level of complexity with filters.

While we cannot recommend a software solution at this time, we do recommend that you hunt around the DavidCo Gear, Gadgets, Software, and Toys forum and the eProductivity forum for potential solutions. Other users have searched for - and found -  excellent software for their mobile needs.

We will update you right here on the blog if we come across more resources to help you get the best mobile solution.

As a side note, according to our surveys, most of our customers currently use the BlackBerry to extend the reach of Notes. As a result, we're planning to create a version of eProductivity for the BlackBerry that will provide you with eProductivity functionality on the device. If this is of interest to you, we'd love to hear from you!

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