"Lotus Knows" ideas for a better Notes

Lotus Knows has been running since 8am this morning. Already 400+ ideas, 5500+ votes cast, and 825+ comments posted as I write this.

A better email system in Notes has been a hot topic. People are clearly fed up with having cluttered inboxes that nag at them all day long. Here at eProductivity, we get excited about helping people gain control over a rowdy inbox and it's always great to hear stories of people going from inbox chaos to inbox zero by using eProductivity. It'll be interesting to see the solutions the Lotus community suggests for relieving the email burden.

Eric Mack posted about David Allen's passion for Notes as a personal productivity tool. Having one of the world's foremost productivity experts lavish praise on their product all the time - without getting paid a cent for his efforts - is just great PR for IBM. I hope IBM seizes the opportunity to use David Allen to promote the Notes brand, maybe in an official capacity.

Jonathan Sidhu made a topic specifically about eProductivity that's getting a good number of votes. Thanks Jonathan!

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