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One of the things I enjoy doing is reading  the product feedback that our customers send us. This one made my day:

What is it?: Feedback
Subject: Just completed initial tutorial - very impressed!

User's Comments:
A colleague here at IBM recommended the eProductivity suite to me.  I had read GTD some years back and had partially applied it in previous roles, integrating it with the Mind Manager mind mapping tool, but still struggled with inbox organisation.  Recently moved back to Lotus Notes from being stuck with Outlook which is not remotely helpful for personal productivity, and this was a breath of fresh air.

I love the way the sample data and tutorial led you through the key day-to-day tasks like actions and projects, the very simple today view and
best of all, the weekly review.  

I always struggled with the discipline of the weekly review, and often told myself that there were just too many elements to review in one go, but you have presented a nice simple looking wizard to guide me through the key areas of the review, which at least  should minimise my excuses! :).

I look forward to working with eProductivity over the next few weeks - if it's as good in practise as it is in the tutorial I'll be a convert for sure!



Wow! As I wrote to Ken, eProductivity is the result of a lot of effort on the part of an outstanding team. This team is comprised not only of our internal team here at eProductivity but also our customers - the people that use the product and who send us feedback about what works for them, why, and what we can do to improve the product. On behalf of my team and our extended (customer) team, thank you for sharing your experience.

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