How I set up my external filing databases

20100323-EricsExternalDatabaseDestinations.jpgDepending on which license version you purchased, eProductivity will allow you to define up to three external reference databases and 10 external mail databases. Almost always, at least one of the external mail databases is the user's mail archive.

The ability to file an email into an external database can be used in many ways. In my configuration of eProductivity, I have defined my ten external databases so that I can quickly file something from my inbox into the destination database with a simple drag and drop gesture or by clicking on the File action button as shown here.

So how do I use this?

Well, the first database you see defined, the "ICA Mail Archive" is my mail archive. I prefer not to allow Lotus Notes to archive my stuff. Instead, I do it in the course of my daily email processing. If I have an email that I need to keep, into the archive it goes. But which archive? I actually have three set up. Archive #1 is our company archive. At ICA, we can file an email from our personal email into the company archive. This allows us to keep client communications together in one place.  Archive #4 is my personal archive of emails I want to keep but do not wish to share and Archive #10 is our Mack Family archive that my family members can file emails into. Like our company archive, this allows us to keep everything neat, in one place, and out of our mail files.

You will notice that I also have set up destinations for our sales and support team mailboxes. This allows me to take an email that was sent to me personally and instantly get it into the right mailbox - either sales or support so that the right person can read and respond. The benefit to using the eProductivity external filing method is that the message isn't forwarded -- it's moved. That means it can be replied to and the response will go back to the original sender and not back to me (as if I had forwarded it). That's a huge time-saver.

Finally, you will see that I have the ability to move emails into the mailboxes of my wife and people on my team. My wife, Kathy, has similar destinations in her mailbox. Here again, this is a great time saver as we often receive emails that are better addressed by the other person. It's not a matter of pushing it off on someone else, it's about getting the message to the person who can respond best.

All of this allows me to get email out of my inbox quickly and keep my mail file size to a minimum. The benefits are that messages are organized for easy retrieval and easily located.  

In another blog post I will share how I use the built-in eProductivity search feature to quickly locate messages in my email and across any of my defined external databases. This, too, comes in handy as I do not have to think about where I put something.

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