eProductivity version 4 is here!

After 10 years of development, eProductivity has proven to be a stable product; however, there's always room for improvement and the occasional fixes. :-)

This major release of eProductivity includes many new features to facilitate working with archives as well as various new productivity features.

eProductivity version 4 is available to all current monthly and annual subscribers at no charge.

[Note: If you are an enterprise user, e.g. KP, MAPMG, please do not attempt to install this update on your own. IT will push this update out to you once it is approved.]

Here are some highlights from the new release. To see the full release notes, including links to help documents, see here and here.

Productivity Features Added
  • To speed up filing emails, the 'Send & File' and 'Move to Folder' menus now display the last three folders you filed into (even if they are in another mail file or archive).
  • We've added a 'Clear due date' button to the Project and Action forms so that you can quickly remove a due date.
Archiving Features Added
These were created to make archiving easier, especially for users whose organizations use automatic archiving. These will help you manage your data better and protect your active work from being archived without your knowledge:
  • The Archiving view has been updated to make it even easier for you to see and archive completed items while protecting incomplete items.
  • Easily archive and restore folders: New buttons in folders in Mail and Archives will allow you to:
    the current folder (including subfolders) to an archive.
    a folder (including subfolders) from an archive back to the Mail file.
  • New tasks protected from archiving until completed: All new Projects and Actions, as well as anything linked to them, will be automatically flagged to prevent them from being archived or purged until you mark them "Complete."
  • Pre-existing Project or Actions protected from archiving until completed: a new Admin tool has been added that prevents archiving of all pre-existing Projects and Actions, as well as anything linked to them. This will run automatically when you install version 4.
  • Messages in folders protected from archiving: A new setting will protect messages in folders from archiving and purging.
  • Protect completed Projects or Actions from archiving: You can now increase the period of time that eProductivity Projects and Actions are protected from archiving and purging.
I use these feature daily to manage my mail file, by pruning inactive folders full of emails to my archive, yet knowing that if I ever want to restore that folder from my archive I can do so with a single click. This will keep your Domino Administrator happy as your mail file will be smaller (and faster) yet you can trust that will be able to quickly find what you need when you need it.

Don't forget that the The eProductivity Global Search tool also makes it easy to find messages, regardless of whether they are in the mail, archive or an external mail file.

New features in eProductivity Reference

The latest version of eProductivity Reference has added two new features:
  • The Timestamp feature makes it easy to timestamp any entry in the Reference DB. This is similar to the timestamp function in journal entries, but the new Timestamp can be applied to any document in the Reference DB.
  • Documents in the Reference DB are now protected from archiving and purging by default.
So who can use eProductivity 4?
Subscription license users:
If you are a current subscriber, your activation key has already been upgraded and you are ready to enjoy the benefits of version 4. See here to download.

Perpetual License Users:
  • If you are subscribed to maintenance and support, you can download and install version 4.
  • If your maintenance and support subscription has lapsed, version 4 will not work for you without a new activation key. Your current software will continue to work. To upgrade to version 4, renew your maintenance and support subscription here.

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