Attend an eProductivity/GTD meetup, learn, and have fun!

Many eProductivity users have told us that they have participated in eProductivity/GTD meetups.  What's a meetup, you ask? It's a an informal event where enthusiasts gather to talk, swap tips and tricks, and learn more about a topic they are passionate about.


In the case of eProductivity or GTD meetups, these events are often initiated by end users. Some are private - hosted in house - but most are open to everyone.  Eric Mack, our founder and the creator of eProductivity has participated in several eProductivity and GTD meetups around the country, including at IBM's annual Lotusphere conference in Orlando.

Are you in or near Boston?

We are considering arranging a meetup in Boston in early October and we'd like to know if you are interested and would attend. We are waiting for a host and will share the details once we know more.

Are you somewhere else in the world?

We'd love to hear from you; perhaps we can help facilitate getting Lotus Notes users together in your area.

Your Next Action
is to let us know of your interest. Be sure to tell us if you will be in or near Boston in early October as that will be the first event.

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