A different kind of thank you - moving back to Lotus Notes

With IBM's [mis?]handling of the Lotus Notes product, it's not uncommon to receive mail emails from customers thanking me for eProductivity and telling me their company has switched to Office 365 (or something Verse). Usually, as part of their thank you, they ask if eProductivity has an equivalent solution for Outlook. (Unfortunately, no.)

Today, I received a different kind of thank you which I am sharing with you with with permission of the author.
Date: 08/10/2017 06:46 AM

To: Eric.D.Mack/eProductivity

Subject: Congratulations 

The purpose of this email is to express my gratitude to the incredible work you and your team developed with eProductivity.

When I had to move from General Electric to PricewaterhouseCoopers as part of a global arrangement some months ago I was terrified at the fact that I had to abandon Outlook and return to Lotus Notes. I used Lotus Notes in my early years at a firm (Andersen and then Ernst & Young) and when I joined General Electric I felt that like was easier with Outlook.

Having the possibility of seeing conversations was so  natural to me that some months ago when I was forced to use Lotus Notes I was really worried. I am a GTD fan and had to accept that with Outlook it was always difficult to fully integrate this methodology. So when a quick search landed me on your page, I was a little intrigued and decided to give it a try.

I am so pleased I did it. Your product blends in an incredible way with Lotus Notes and my systems is much more robust now that it was before.

Thanks for developing an incredible product and make me a big fan of Lotus Notes !

Best regards,

D. Solis
PwC Argentina | Director | Tax & Legal

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