We love reading feedback from our customers

One of the things I enjoy doing is reading  the product feedback that our customers send us. This one made my day:

What is it?: Feedback
Subject: Just completed initial tutorial - very impressed!

User's Comments:
A colleague here at IBM recommended the eProductivity suite to me.  I had read GTD some years back and had partially applied it in previous roles, integrating it with the Mind Manager mind mapping tool, but still struggled with inbox organisation.  Recently moved back to Lotus Notes from being stuck with Outlook which is not remotely helpful for personal productivity, and this was a breath of fresh air.

Continue Reading: "We love reading feedback from our customers" » The folks over at GTD Times recently announced a 14-day GTD Challenge, designed to help folks take their productivity to a whole new level.  The event is free and will be hosted in the GTD Connect community. (If you haven't taken the time to explore the GTD Connect resources you can get a free two week guest pass here.)

The free event kicks off Thursday, September 22  with the first of two webinars by Kelly Forrister and Meg Edwards - both are senior presenters with the David Allen Company.  As a side note: I've worked with Kelly for close to 20 years and Meg was one of my personal GTD coaches (Thanks, Meg!)  Even if you are experienced at getting things done, this is a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your skills.

The challenge will take place between September 22  and October 6. During this time, Kelly and Meg will challenge you to evaluate your systems and processes to improve your skills. I expect that there will be lively discussion in the forums as well.

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Invitation: Super Productivity Tools for Superwomen

Technology Hands-on Workshop 2011 Series:
"Super Productivity Tools for Superwomen"
Getting Things Done with IBM Lotus Notes
Presented by productivity experts Kelly Forrister and Eric Mack

IBM Software Briefing Centers

SVL Super Women's Group

On September 14, 2011, the IBM SVL (Silicon Valley Labs) Super Women's Group will host another productivity event as part of their 2011 technology hands-on workshop series.

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