Join eProductivity creator Eric Mack and special guest David Allen, creator of the GTD® methodology, as they share best practices gleaned from over 30 years of combined experience using Lotus Notes.

Inspired by over 200 audience questions from April's Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes webinar, these hard-hitting podcasts dive into the secrets of being productive with Lotus Notes.


Join Eric and David as they share their insights on how you can get more done with Lotus Notes.

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In Episode #2, topics addressed include:

  • How to stay productive when you're feeling overwhelmed by the volume of incoming information
  • How to organize all your "collection buckets" - phone, paper, email, etc.
  • GTD and cloud computing
  • Calendar vs tickler file - what goes where?
  • GTD and the tyranny of the urgent

Episode #2 Details:
Length: 18:56 minutes
File Size: 17.3MB

Painless Return from Holidays with GTD

Jens Bruntt is an eProductivity guest blogger. He blogs regularly over at the eponymous Jens Bruntts blog

This week I started working after four great weeks of holidays in Provence, France. I had a lot of open projects and email threads when I left, so coming back is always interesting. It has been truly marvelous how easy it was to get back on track, and a lot of the credit goes to eProductivity - the Getting Things Done add-on for Lotus Notes.

When I came back from my long holiday I needed to do almost no work to get the overview of what was in progress and what needed to be followed up on. Because when I left everything had already been organized into Projects and Actions and especially the "Waiting for" Actions. The Actions that I knew I needed to do when I came back had already been linked to Calendar entries.

An example:
When I came back I had an email in my inbox. It was from the helpdesk at a company that is developing a set of web services that we are integrating with. This is work in progress in both their and our end. The email asked me to please let them know if we had any still open issues with them; they were afraid that they had missed something because they are in the early stages of establishing their production environment and the helpdesk is also new.

It was so easy to answer that. I went to my "Waiting for" folder in my eP-enabled mail and looked for any lines that had to do with that project. There were no open issues. Had there been any they would have been there as I always create "Waiting for" Actions when I open issues with external helpdesks. 


The IBM Lotus Technical Information and Education (LTIE) community holds a web meeting every month. Their upcoming August session will feature eProductivity's president, Eric Mack.


Eric will be sharing how eProductivity has turned the Lotus application distribution model upside down. Instead of new technology being solely introduced by the IT department, end users are now able to find, try, purchase, and use new apps for Lotus Software. Using apps like eProductivity has in turn allowed end users to achieve higher performance.

Eric will then share 7 general considerations for creating self-serve Lotus Notes apps.

We invite you to join us for this event. Details below.

Webinar Details:

  • Date: August 24, 2010
  • Time: 10:00AM EST

Join the meeting and see more information.
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The next "Mastercard" commercial?

The other day we got an email from Mathias, a long-time eProductivity user. His email reads like one of those Mastercard commercials.

He wrote:

I can't resist to share some numbers with you...

  • 4 Weeks of Vacation
  • 932 new eMails afterwards
  • 2.5 Days to "Organize"
  • 86 actions defined
  • 0 eMails in Inbox left

Thanks to eProductivity. ;-)

Thanks, Mathias! It's always great to hear how eProductivity benefiting our users.

For our readers: if you've got an eProductivity story to tell, let us know by using the Send Feedback feature inside eProductivity.

Other customer stories:

With the recent discussions about Apps and how consumers want the freedom to find, evaluate, and purchase Apps for their Smartphones, I'm curious to know how many users are able to download and use a productivity application and how many have policies that prevent them from doing so.

If you found a productivity application for your mobile device that was proven to increase your performance, would you: a) be allowed to install it? b) encounter resistance (or refusal) from IT to allow you to install it? c) make a business case to management for why this App should be allowed?

Please take a moment and vote in one of the two quick polls below, then scroll down to share your comments.

Update: The survey is now closed. View the results below


I'm not asking whether you think Smartphones connected to enterprise systems should be locked down or not - there are many valid arguments for both sides of that discussion. What I most want to know is what the current climate is like when it comes to productivity applications on mobile devices and what organizations are doing to encourage/permit or discourage/restrict users from downloading and using productivity applications on their mobile devices.

Update: I split the question into two separate polls because otherwise the results could be skewed in favor of the iPhone/Android as these devices are often unmanaged/uncontrolled in the enterprise.

Tip - Add Contacts to Projects and Actions

This tip was originally posted in the eProductivity Weekly Tip newsletter. Sign up to get more tips like it delivered straight to your email inbox.

Did you know you can link contacts to your eProductivity projects and actions? If not, this tip is for you.

You might use this feature to keep track of which key people relate to the project you're working on. Or maybe you have an important call this afternoon and you need easy access to the relevant contact information.

Whatever your need may be, here's how to setup and use contact linking.

Enable the Contacts view to appear on the eProductivity Navigator

By default, the Contacts view will not appear on your eProductivity Navigator. So first, if you don't have the Contacts view enabled, you'll need to do so from the eProductivity Preferences.

Go to the Preferences (click on the big eProductivity button on the top action bar), and then locate the Navigation > Main Navigator tab. Click the checkbox next to 'Contacts'.

Enabling the Contacts view inside of eProductivity

Save and close the Preferences, and then close and re-open eProductivity for the changes to take effect.

Continue Reading: "Tip - Add Contacts to Projects and Actions" »

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