Santa goes lean this year

Santa is going lean this year. The Notes on Productivity blog has more on this surprising development.

Exclusive REAL photo of Santa


I get suprised everyday I use eProductivity

"I get surprised everyday as I use Lotus Notes with eProductivity," writes Vaughan Rivett in a new blog post.  

He starts his post by saying,

You cannot imagine how long it took me to give this post a title. How do I really get the attention of people who I would like to tell all about my exciting adventures with eProductivity for Lotus Notes.

I have been working with GTD (David Allen’s “Getting things done” methodology) for a few months now. However, I have recently changed job and I am having to really put GTD to the test.

Read the full post on Vaughan's blog.

Have you used the eProductivity tutorial?

If you're new to eProductivity, the eProductivity tutorial is the single best learning tool that we offer.

The eProductivity Tutorial - the single best way to learn eProductivity

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The tutorial lets you play with eProductivity's features, and gives you guidance and tips along the way. There is nothing to install, you just open up the tutorial file and away you go. It's that simple.

If you want to get started quickly with eProductivity, I recommed using the tutorial as your first step.

Get the eProductivity tutorial

Video: Customize your eProductivity Navigator

Learn how to customize your eProductivity Navigator by adding predefined and custom contexts.


eProductivity is highly customizable, and it can be setup for the way you work best. Stay tuned, more videos that teach you how to do this are on the way.

Get a refund on eProductivity

Many of our customers are pioneers of sorts. Maybe you're one of them. Let me explain why our free license & full refunds promotion is for you.


You, our pioneering customers, tell us about the value that eProductivity brings to your everyday work. Quite often, you've purchased eProductivity with your own money with no reimbursement from your company. You do it because it helps you to perform your job better.

That's a glowing recommendation in my book.

One of my roles here at eProductivity is spreading the word about our software, so I love hearing your stories. It's great to see that eProductivity really works for people.

The exciting thing is that word IS spreading. People are telling their coworkers and friends about the benefits that only eProductivity can provide through GTD-enabling Lotus Notes. More and more companies are looking to adopt us.

You can help to speed things along. We're offering to give your company lots of free licenses. You just need to tell them about it.

And since you, our pioneers and early adopters, have paved the way at your company, we want to refund your original eProductivity purchase. It's our way of saying thanks and putting a little extra cash in your pocket for the holidays.

Your stories and efforts are appreciated!

You can learn more about the opportunity here.

GTD Times: What are your killer GTD apps?


On the GTD Times blog, they've asked, "What are your killer GTD apps?" Interesting topic.

As of right now, there are 25 comments that mention a range of apps. What really piques my interest is the frequent mention of iPhones. Where are all of the corporate warriors that are forbidden from using the iPhone? It's entirely possible that people who read blogs generally are people who live in the cloud and hence inclined to use devices like the iPhone.  

On the other hand, maybe the iPhone crowd is becoming more mainstream in the enterprise. That possibility is intriguing. The iPhone is a fantastic device, don't get me wrong, but it seems to me that the security limitations and complete lack of native task management would cripple wide-spread enterprise adoption. Anyone have opinions on how mainstream the iPhone has become in corporate America?

Head on over to GTD Times to see the responses for yourself.

P.S. Besides eProductivity, other general productivity apps seen frequently around the eProductivity offices include ActiveWords, GyroQ, and SnagIt. I don't think I could do my job without SnagIt or a comparable product.

Free webinars wrapping up for 2009

Our popular webinar series is continuing this Thursday, December 10th at 10:00am PST. This will be one of the last webinars for the 2009 year, since we'll be stopping presentations for the Christmas holiday season.

Again, webinars are completely free and open to anyone. If you'd like to know more about eProductivity and what it can do for you, we'd love to have you attend. Even better, bring your eProductivity questions and ask them live. You'll get answers straight from eProductivity experts and you'll benefit the other attendees as well.

To learn more and register
, go here:

Thanks again to everyone who has attended a previous webinar! Your active participation has helped to make them successful.

To everyone who hasn't yet attended...we hope to see you soon. :)

Get more out of eProductivity with Weekly Tips

Need some guidance on using eProductivity more effectively?

I recommend subscribing to the eProductivity Weekly Tips newsletter. This free email newsletter offers easily digestible tips & tricks on using the various eProductivity features. It's a pretty convenient way to learn more about the software.

Go here for an sample newsletter from the past month.

Go here to subscribe.

Learn to use eProductivity more effectively with Weekly Tips

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Upgrading to Notes 8- effect on eProductivity

An eProductivity customer asked:
I am being upgraded by my company from Notes version 7 to Notes version 8.5. How will this affect my eProductivity software?

The main thing you need to know is that eProductivity is not likely not to work immediately following the upgrade. To restore it to working order, you'll need to re-apply the eProductivity template, which is thankfully a fast and painless process.

When your Notes administrators upgrades you to Notes 8.5, they will usually do two things:

1. Upgrade your Lotus Notes software
2. Replace your mail template design with the new Notes 8.5 template.

This second step will break the functionality of eProductivity. Your eProductivity navigator and contexts will not appear after the upgrade and the action buttons in your folders may not work.

The good news is that you won't lose your projects or actions or linking. You just won't see them until you re-apply the eProductivity template to your mail file. The re-application process is quick and easy - it's the same process you went through when you installed eProductivity for the first time.

So, following the upgrade to Notes 8.5, you'll likely need to follow these steps to get back your eProductivity functionality.

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