PCWorld mentions Lotus Notes & eProductivity

Lotus Notes and eProductivity were mentioned in a PCWorld article today: Work Smarter in Windows: 55 Great Productivity Tricks.

The closing section of the article features tips from recognized productivity experts such as David Allen, who of course happens to be a long-time passionate champion of Lotus Notes and eProductivity.

The article had this to say:

Allen is a Lotus Notes enthusiast, through and through, but he enhances the spartan Notes interface with the eProductivity add-on, which adds next-generation features to the software. One of these features, for example, enables the user to drag an e-mail message to a "call" button in order to place an immediate phone call to the person who sent the message.

David Allen also mentioned ActiveWords (which integrates seamlessly with eProductivity) and MindManager as being among his favorite tools.

Hat tip to Ed Brill.

All About GyroQ

What is GyroQ
GyroQ is a quick capture tool made by Gyronix. It's useful for rapidly getting ideas out of your head and into your productivity system.

eProductivity users can benefit from a special integration between GyroQ and eProductivity. With just a couple of keystrokes, you can capture ideas, thoughts, tasks, & more into your eProductivity system, even when Notes isn't running!

To get the integration between GyroQ and eProductivity, you have to install a special version of GyroQ - more on that in a minute.

Just note that for the rest of the article, when I talk about "GyroQ", I'm referring to this special version of GyroQ.

How to Install GyroQ (special eProductivity version) and Get Started
Go to the eProductivity Preferences and locate the Integration > GyroQ tab. Follow the instructions listed there for downloading and installing the special GyroQ version.

GyroQ comes with a free trial. To keep using GyroQ after the trial period, you can purchase a key from Gyronix.

How Does GyroQ Work

GyroQ provides a small capture window that is displayed when you press a certain keyboard shortcut (default is Ctrl-Q).

GyroQ main window

Inside this window, you enter the thought, idea, next action, etc. that you want to quickly capture into your system.

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Tip: Prune your mailbox for faster performance

Pruning your Lotus Notes mailbox is a good idea because a mailbox bloated with many outdated items is usually a slow mailbox. You can avoid this performance hit to your Lotus Notes (and consequently, eProductivity) with some simple maintenance steps.

Step 1. Delete or Archive Unneeded Email Attachments
Email attachments, like those pictures of the cute puppy dog or the LOLcat circulating through your office email, can take up a lot of space. So it's a good idea to peridiodically go through your 'All Documents' view and delete or archive all the unneeded attachments. A easy way to find the largest attachments is by sorting on the 'Size' column.

When you locate unneeded attachments, the fastest way to deal with it is to delete or archive the email itself. But if you only want to get rid of the attachment, you can edit the email and do what you need with just the attachment.

Sorting the All Documents view by the Size column

If you have attachments that you want to keep but don't want them taking up space in your mail file, consider parking them in an eProductivity Reference database (you do have eProductivity Reference set up, right?).

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Agendas ease the headache of remembering

Ever sat down for a conversation with someone and suddenly you can't remember what you wanted to discuss? Not a lot of fun, not to mention potentially stressful.

Equally frustrating is when you walk away from a meeting and get the nagging feeling that you forgot to discuss something important.

So next time, rather than enduring this kind of unnecessary headache, do yourself a favor: write down your topics ahead of time. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel and at how much more efficient meetings are when you can march down a list of topics, confident that everything needing discussion is on that list.

So here's some pointers I've found about creating and maintaining these kinds of agendas.

Keep a running agenda list for people you regularly interact with

These people are probably coworkers, family, and close friends. You communicate with them all the time and there's usually plenty of things needing discussing.

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