Survey Results are In!

survey-checklist.jpgReady for some insider information? The initial results of the recent eProductivity satisfaction survey are in!

Using an online tool, we recently surveyed a representative sample of eProductivity customers. Participants were asked a range of questions about their eProductivity and Lotus Notes experiences. Over 400 completed surveys later, we have a wealth of insight on how we can improve and better serve the needs of our customers.

So let me pause to say a big "Thank you!!" to everyone who took part in the survey - your help was and is invaluable.

Your feedback is playing a big part is new developments and changes that we'll be sharing with you soon... :)

Survey Highlights:

Here's a few numbers from the survey that jump out:
  • 97.3% of respondents feel like they receive a large amount of work-related emails
  • 55.8% use a BlackBerry while 34.8% use an iPhone
  • 90.4% said eProductivity saves them time, and 72.1% of those people said eProductivity saves them 30 minutes or more every day. Wow!
  • 87.1% said eProductivity makes it easy to get an empty email inbox
  • 91.2% can access LinkedIn at work, but only 73.5% can access Twitter
  • 90.5% reported being satisfied with Lotus Notes when using eProductivity, but only 31.1% reported being satisfied with Lotus Notes when eProductivity was taken out of the mix
These are just tidbits - we have much more to share!

Blogging through the Results:

Stick with us in the upcoming days and weeks because we're going to blog through the survey results. As we do, we'll share our plans to improve on where we're weak and build on where we're strong. Like so many of you already are, we want every user to be a passionate fan of eProductivity!

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