How to enable the ’Today’ and ’All By Context’ views as sidebar widgets in Lotus Notes 8.x

The latest version of eProductivity (1.81) contains many new features. Among them are two experimental views that you can use to create sidebar widgets or floating windows based on the popular eProductivity 'Today' and 'All by context' views.

Here's a preview of just two of several new Sidebar widgets for eProductivity that you will soon be able to use: the Today view and the All by Context views.

The new The new

These widgets are now available in eProductivity 1.81. These sidebar views are persistent - it does not matter what Notes application you have open - you can always review your Today list and your actions by contexts.

If you would like to try this on your own system, here are the steps I am currently using to accomplish this in Notes 8.5.1

Note: This is an experimental process. There are still a few bugs in the Lotus Notes implementation of widgets. (It won't hurt anything, it just may not work the way you would expect.)

1. You need to be running Notes 8x. I'm using 8.5.1, but this should work with some previous versions
2. You need to have the eProductivity 1.81 mail template applied

Let's get started:

First, if you have not already done so, enable widgets in your Notes preferences:
Enable widgets in Lotus Notes 8 user preferences

If you have not already done so, enable 'My Widgets' to appear in the sidebar:
Enable 'My Widgets' to appear in your Notes Sidebar

Expand your Notes sidebar before you continue. OK, let's go...

Step 1. Open the  eProductivity Sidebar View from eProductivity Preferences
Open the eProductivity Sidebar view from eProductivity Preferences

Step 2. With the view open, configure a widget from the current context
Configure a widget from the current context

Configure your new widget to open this view
Configure your new widget to open this view

(Here is one of the Notes 8 Bugs I warned you about. Even though you will give this widget a name, that name will disappear when the widget launches. Hopefully they will get that fixed in a future release of Notes 8.5x)

Name widget and display as sidebar panel
Name the new widget and set it to open in the sidebar panel

Step 3. Test and publish your new widget
Test and publish the new widget

That's it. You can repeat the process for the other view.

Once the widget has been created, you can even have it open in a floating window on your computer desktop. Here's how to do that:

From the 'My Widgets' sidebar widget select the widget you want to have open in a new windows and right click. Then, select "open in new window."
Open a widget in a new window on your desktop

The widget will now open in a floating window on your desktop, like this:
Here's what the widget looks like as a floating window on your desktop

Now, you can access your 'Today' view or 'All by Context' view regardless of what you are doing in Notes. As part of our unified task management strategy, we are working on ways to allow you to drag and drop anything onto a context and manage it in Notes, GTD-Style, with eProductivity. (This includes web and mobile resources as well - a true unified view.) If you have a feature you'd like to see, please let us know.

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