All About GyroQ

What is GyroQ
GyroQ is a quick capture tool made by Gyronix. It's useful for rapidly getting ideas out of your head and into your productivity system.

eProductivity users can benefit from a special integration between GyroQ and eProductivity. With just a couple of keystrokes, you can capture ideas, thoughts, tasks, & more into your eProductivity system, even when Notes isn't running!

To get the integration between GyroQ and eProductivity, you have to install a special version of GyroQ - more on that in a minute.

Just note that for the rest of the article, when I talk about "GyroQ", I'm referring to this special version of GyroQ.

How to Install GyroQ (special eProductivity version) and Get Started
Go to the eProductivity Preferences and locate the Integration > GyroQ tab. Follow the instructions listed there for downloading and installing the special GyroQ version.

GyroQ comes with a free trial. To keep using GyroQ after the trial period, you can purchase a key from Gyronix.

How Does GyroQ Work

GyroQ provides a small capture window that is displayed when you press a certain keyboard shortcut (default is Ctrl-Q).

GyroQ main window

Inside this window, you enter the thought, idea, next action, etc. that you want to quickly capture into your system.

When you click 'Add', it will appear in eProductivity as a Uncategorized item. However, you can change this through the use of 'Tags'. For instance, you might want your entry to automatically appear as a Project. To do that, you'd setup a tag for the 'Projects' context. Let's say your tag is the letter "P".

If you then type "P" + spacebar, your entry will now be automatically filed as a Project. The GyroQ capture window changes to reflect this...

GyroQ entry where the tag

When Do GyroQ Entries Appear in eProductivity

Inside the Integration > GyroQ tab of the eProductivity preferences, you can dictate if and when new GyroQ entries are automatically imported into eProductivity.

Alternatively, you can turn on the GyroQ button on the action bar that when pressed, will manually import in any new GyroQ entries.

GyroQ tab in the eProductivity Preferences
Any GyroQ entries that were captured without a tag will appear in the Uncategorized view. You can then reclassify these items by dragging-and-dropping them onto the desired eProductivity context.

Any entries that used a tag will appear in the eProductivity context that corresponds with the tag.

Default GyroQ Tags

GyroQ ships with a default set of tags that correspond with the default set of eProductivity contexts.

To see the list of default tags, click "Options" on the GyroQ capture window. Then, click "Change Tag settings..."

GyroQ options

Here you'll see the list of default tags:

List of default GyroQ tags

Custom GyroQ Tags

You might wish to customize your GyroQ tags. As I'll show you below, it's not difficult to do, but pay careful attention.

A primary reason to customize your GyroQ Tags is to match any changes you've made to your eProductivity contexts (perhaps you've created custom eProductivity contexts). If you don't take the step of customizing your tags to match, GyroQ won't be aware of the your new eProductivity contexts.

Lastly, note that the steps shown here apply to editing an existing GyroQ tag. Creating a new GyroQ tag is very similar.

OK, let's go.

Go back into the GyroQ Options and click the "Change Tag settings..." link again. You'll be brought back here:

List of default GyroQ tags

Select the tag you want to edit - in this case I'll chose: "PP  Projects - Personal"

Choosing a tag to edit

I want to turn this tag in to a "P  Projects" tag.

Now there are two changes to make.
1. Rename the tag
2. Change which eProductivity context that GyroQ associates with this tag

I've made these changes, highlighted below...

Choosing a tag to edit

It's important to note that there are two spaces between the letter tag (e.g. "P) and the description (e.g. "Projects"). That second space is required to tell GyroQ when the tag stops and when the description begins.

Finally, I click to 'Save' my newly edited tag.

Now let's test.

Click Ctrl-Q to bring up GyroQ.

GyroQ main window

Then, type a "P" followed by a space and observe that GyroQ properly identifies the new tag by changing the title.

GyroQ entry where the tag

Now, type the description of your new project and press the Enter key (or click the 'Add' button).

A test GyroQ entry

That's it! GyroQ has now captured that item and has stored it in the queue, ready for eProductivity to retrieve.

If you've turned on the automatic import option (in the eProductivity preferences), the next time you open eProductivity, any new GyroQ items will appear. You can watch the status bar in the lower-left corner of your Notes screen to see this happen...


If you've disabled the automatic import, you can click the GyroQ button in the upper-right corner of your eProductivity window to manually import (remember that you have to turn on this button in the eProductivity preferences, GyroQ tab).


Let's take a quick look at our test eProductivity Project that has been imported from GyroQ:

Success! Our test project has been imported


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