User Story: Peter Inness - Getting Things Done with eProductivity

Another customer story from the customer service inbox:

I have now been using eProductivity for almost 2.5 years and since I discovered the product accidentally, it has really changed my life. Not a day goes by that I do not use eProductivity in my daily work, it has now become completely integrated in the way I work. I usually receive between 200 and 300 emails a day and it was an impossible task keeping up with follow up, actions, projects. I had not found any products, let alone Lotus Notes products that helped productivity and trust me, I have tied dozens of tools and products all claiming to improve productivity.

The ease of use and integrated nature of eProductivity really saves hours a day in being able to easily link emails to projects and assign actions in context. The views make it very simple to then track all outstanding tasks in the context of the work and who I need to follow up with. I am also delighted with the support I get from the support team. On the occasions I have needed help, I have had great response. I would say this is such an undiscovered , wonderful product and with out doubt, saves me hours of wasted time that I otherwise would spend delving into folders, searching for emails and trying to figure across a dozen tools how to track and manage. All this happens simply with one product!! This really makes up for so many deficiencies that simple mail products like Lotus Notes or Outlook have. Well done team, I look forward to the continued development of the product.

Peter Inness
Director, UBS Service Delivery Executive

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