User Story: André J. de Wit - eProductivity improving workflow and email management

Another customer story from the customer service inbox:

Some years ago I was enrolled to an internal Management/Young Talent Course with IBM in The Netherlands. During this course a small bit of GTD was covered, which struck my interest.

During my daily work I am working as an Storage Specialist serving multiple customers. This can be a challenging and demanding job and I was overwhelmed by a flood of emails on a daily bases. I had 'developed' my own system with comprised a multitude of folders and sub folders, which worked but had no clear overview. I had keep track of everything in my head still.

Having heard about GTD, I bought the book and started reading to find out what I could learn and apply to my work. While reading the book, I downloaded the eProductivity template and had applied to my Lotus Notes Mail DB at work. I had an instant workflow for my email, clearing several hundreds of email from my inbox while now having the confidence that I would not forget about any of them. This had happened to me frequently in the past using my own system, cause everything had to be tracked in my mind. Something I was not always very good at. :)

eProductivity does a more than excellent job of allowing me to quickly categorize my email and attach actions to it. I work on a lot of projects and it is a challenge to not let everything get mixed up. eProductivity keeps everything clear and separated. Through my 'Today' start page it's clear what I need to do and when.

eProductivity is my number one major improvement in workflow and email management. It has given me substantial piece of mind knowing I have everything under control and I can forget about tracking everything in my head. eProductivity does what it promises and is well worth the investment and switch to a new way of working.

This is not just a handy tool for managers but any one who has a ton of emails coming in demanding proper attention. A most definite Must Have and a sure recommendation!

I do not see myself go back to another way of working. Period.

André J. de Wit
Server Systems Operations, IT/Storage Specialist - Nseries Administrator (NCDA)
GTS, Strategic Outsourcing Delivery (SO Delivery) BeNeLux

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