eProductivity/GTD Meetup Update

Recently, we sent out an email offering to host an in person productivity meetup.  We were pleased with the wonderful response from eProductivity users around the world, including the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and India.

Many of you expressed an interest in attending a live meetup and several others generously offered the use of their company offices to host the meetup.  At the same time, we heard from many users who said that they were very interested in such a meetup, but could not get the time away from work to travel or attend an event.

In response to this feedback, our current thinking is to explore the idea of doing one or more online events or webinars.  This way, people can attend virtually and at their convenience.

For those cities where we had a larger interest and people willing to host an event, we will contact you directly to see what we can work out.

All further details will be posted to the blog.

Meanwhile, thanks for the response!

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