A case for eProductivity & Lotus Foundations

We routinely receive emails from satisfied customers. Lately, we've been receiving emails from IBM/Lotus Business partners sharing how eProductivity is helping them win and keep satisfied customers. Here's one example from a Lotus Foundations Business Partner:

Because it offers value to individual mail and PIM users, eProductivity really demonstrates the power of the Lotus Foundations Start (LFS) environment in an approachable manner for all LFS users as individuals.  eProductivity changes the playing field in the competitive landscape with Outlook and Exchange because it offers something better.  Even if I can only get adoption of eProductivity among a few high level people in the organization, it is enough to pull LFS into that organization along with a Lotus Foundations Appliance.  When I initially presented Lotus Foundations Start to my client, it was eProductivity she was talking about when the Executive Director said "I want that!"

I see the value of the rest of Lotus Foundations Start (idb, Dynamic DNS, single sign-in, autonomics and the like), but the face of the product to these organizations and what sells it is the e-mail agent and PIM it provides.  To steal an old advertising adage, eProductivity is the sizzle (and it may be the steak for end-users, too).

- David G. Lawrence, President, Smart Technology Enablers, Inc.

We love getting testimonials like this and we're particularly excited about the Lotus Foundations Start appliance and the opportunity it represents for small businesses and the Lotus Business partners that serve them.

LotusFoundationsAppliance_90x90.jpgWe believe the Foundations platform has the potential to do for the SMB market what the IBM PC did for the personal computer market. Solutions like eProductivity that increase the personal productivity of end users will increase the value proposition for SMBs and lead to increased sales for resellers. Already, we are hearing from LFS resellers that are using eProductivity to 1) win new customers to LFS, 2) make the transition to LFS easier and more productive, or 3) keep customers from switching to Outlook.  

We are in the process of working on a version of eProductivity for Foundations, built on Notes/Domino 8.5x, that will further leverage the strengths of this platform.  If you believe that GTD enabling LFS would create additional compelling value for your customers, we'd like to hear from you.

Eating my own dogfood- Yum!

I just ate my own dogfood, and I'm feeling really good about it.

I missed my Weekly Review last week and things started getting chaotic in a hurry. Like most of you, my workday is a constant barrage of email. Falling behind means a long, intimidating climb back to a zero inbox.

Tonight, I decided to make the climb:  

20090915 RyanWeeklyReview.png

Ah yes. Inbox empty. Email nirvana. Control.


Rock your Work with Lotus Software

Lotus is holding a follow-up Video Blitz to the recent Lotus Knows Ideajam. The blitz showcases some creative ways people are using Lotus software.

Unfortunately, the deadline was 9pm tonight and we missed it. Just too many things going on here at eProductivity to produce a video in time.

Here's a glimpse at what the video might have been. Our work is a little raw and unfinished, but you'll get the idea.

Here you go - the video that Lotus doesn't know about:

[ YouTube Link ]


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