David Allen’s new "GTD System"

The David Allen Company just launched a new GTD System product. You should take a look because the value included is phenomenal.

The GTD System includes 6 CDs of expert coaching, the GTD book, 30 days of a GTD Connect subscription, a sizable seminar discount, and more. See more details on the GTD Times blog.

This is a fabulous starter package for GTD newbies. You get everything you need to get up and running in a hurry.

GTD pros will also benefit. The CD series includes 5 CDs of new material  and one CD on the Weekly Review back by popular demand. Can't go wrong with some great new material and a classic.

As you probably know, eProductivity is built on the GTD methodology. Learning or improving with GTD is a smart move for getting the most out of eProductivity. The more you understand GTD, the more ways you'll discover eProductivity helping you to leave work with an empty inbox and a clear sense of what you accomplished during your day.  

eProductivity Webinars - Coming Soon!

07282009_eProd_Webinar_logo.jpgDo you want to end the work day with your inbox at zero? Do you want to feel a greater degree of clarity about where you need to spend your time? Do you want a better sense of which projects are the most effective for you to work on at any given moment? You need to attend an eProductivity webinar.

We're developing a series of free, publically-available webinars designed to give you a jumpstart on eProductivity. Ample time for Q&A will be included, so you'll have an opportunity to ask your burning questions. Check back here on the blog as we release more details and give you a special opportunity to sign up for the limited amount of spaces.

In the meantime, I have a question for you: Are there any topics that you really want to to learn about? Any particular features you want a better handle on, such as the power of the Reference Journal or using Categorized Views to group related projects together?

Either Contact Us or leave a comment on this post. We want to target our webinars at whatever needs you have, so this is your chance to help us give you the best value. We appreciate it!

Mobile Productivity: eProductivity on the Go

ManHoldingTreo.jpgHow to be more productive in our highly mobile world is clearly on your mind, based on the large volume of questions we get on the topic.  So let me give you a brief rundown on what options you have for using eProductivity on the Go.

The first thing you need to know is that eProductivity does not currently provide any on-device software to manage projects and actions. This is left to the built-in software on your device or any third-party solutions you install.

The ability to manage projects and actions on a mobile device is a function of (a) the device and its capabilities, (b) what you're syncing it to (e.g. Outlook or Notes) and, (c) what software you're using to handle the sync. Getting the best experience requires all three components to work well together. That said, having robust, elegant on-device software will really help your mobile productivity to shine.

As you would expect, some devices do a better job with native task-management software than others. For on-device management of projects and actions, we still favor (as does David Allen) the Palm Treo due to its simple interface. Some devices, like the Windows Mobile or Blackberry devices add too many steps to get to your tasks, creating unconscious resistance. While the BlackBerry is an elegant platform and syncs beautifully, it also adds a level of complexity with filters.

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eProductivity gets a mention in CNN Money

Fortune Small Business section of CNN Money Magazine published an article today on David Allen, entitled Getting Things Done guru goes digital. The writer, Chris Taylor, briefly touches on David's productivity toolkit of Lotus Notes + eProductivity + smartphone:
Allen currently uses a customized version of IBM's Lotus Notes for PC, which he calls his e-productivity suite. It syncs automatically with his phone, so he can add notes on the go. Allen isn't planning to commercialize e-productivity anytime soon, though. And he's wary of most to-do-list software on the market.
Chris gets it  mostly right. What he refers to as Mr. Allen's "e-productivity suite", you know as eProductivity. He's right that it's highly customized - to make you especially productive- but it's certainly also commercialized for public sale.

Finally, he's correct that "David is wary of most to-do-list software." That's understandable because most to-do-list software applications just don't "get" the fundamental principles of task management at the personal level. That's why out of the hundreds of to-do-list apps, there are only two that have been vetted and certified as "GTD-Enabled." We're pleased to be one of them.

And we're definitely pleased to be mentioned in CNN Money.

P.S. Hey Chris, if you happen to read this, we'll even let you take eProductivity for a spin through a special program we've set up. Contact me directly and I'll give you a free activation key.

Podcast: An Inside Look at ActiveWords

Kelly Forrister recently posted a new podcast on the GTD Times blog featuring David Allen and Buzz Bruggeman of ActiveWords discussing the productive benefits of ActiveWords:

One of the tools David Allen uses on his PC is ActiveWords, a tool often described as “solving a problem you didn’t know you had.”  It essentially streamlines the navigation and common tasks we do all day long; send emails, go to web sites, create new tasks, insert text, open files and more...

When it comes to saving time in daily tasks in Windows, ActiveWords delivers. And you can learn more about how it does that by listening to the podcast linked below.


Lotus Notes users: Did you know that ActiveWords fully integrates with Lotus Notes and eProductivity in some especially cool ways? In fact, at around the 15:30 mark of the podcast, David and Buzz discuss combining ActiveWords and eProductivity to create a supercharged productivity system.

Here's how to install ActiveWords with Lotus Notes and eProductivity. (Includes a 60-day free trial of ActiveWords)


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