A customer recently wrote: "Your software has helped me not hate Notes!"  I hear this a lot from our customers. In fact, it's one of the two main reasons people buy eProductivity.

As the creator of eProductivity, I am always looking for stories from passionate users about how they have benefitted from eProductivity so that I can share them with others. So I reached out to Kiara and asked if she would be willing to share her story of eProductivity - to tell me how she uses it and what impact it had made personally/professionally? Most customers do share their story and my team and I read every one.

A few days later, Kiara wrote back...


The bottom line is that you've given me a way to incorporate my GTD process back into my email and calendar client - in a way that really follows the GTD process.

I actually did the research to find out if I could move to a Notes client personally so that I could use eProductivity to manage my personal GTD process as well. Sadly, that's not a option, as far as I can tell, and I don't want my personal life merged into my corporate email/etc.

How I use it - the weekly review coach is a major win. I love being able to use it to hold myself accountable for staying on top of the floods of inbound information that otherwise get out of control. My personal adaptation of GTD involves a mini-daily review - dealing with loose paper and email box clearing daily is the only way I can keep my head above water, and I'd love the option to be able to have a customizable version of the weekly review that I could use daily (so I didn't feel like I was skipping things by not completing the weekly version every day.)

It's provided a robust way to manage my contexts, projects, and actions. I had been trying to figure out how to adapt my previously working GTD process to Notes for a year and a half, and had been failing. Notes, by itself, just didn't have the depth of functionality needed to do that.

So, ultimately, your product has given me a way to get back to using a system that just flat out works for me. Using the tools you've provided, I don't have to try to manage the process in a spreadsheet or on paper or in a standalone product. Given how much of my work life is lived in email, an integrated system is key to succeeding.

Thank you for creating a product that gave me back the ability to work with GTD effectively!


Kiara Rodemaker
Manager, IT Accounting Services

Kiara, thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad that you find value in eProductivity and that it has given you a new appreciation for the power of Notes.

P.S. We get many requests from people that want to run eProductivity at home. That is easily done. You can install Notes on your home computer and use it as a POP3/SMTP client. (Sorry, Note IMAP does not work at this time). If you use the same Notes ID you do not need to purchase a separate license; your current key will work just fine. This weekend, I reread David Allen's third book, Making It All Work. One sentence from the book provides insight on how GTD helps people see IBM Notes differently:

"Thousands of users of popular enterprise desktop software such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes have rarely had good enough reason to utilize their 'Task' or 'To-Do' functions.  But once they see how those features can be configured for GTD they discover and access a new power in this software."

-- David Allen, author and creator of the Getting Things Done® ('GTD®') methodology.

In the decade that i have been helping people implement GTD with Notes this has proven to be true over and over. Once people experience how just thinking about their tools differently changes the way they work they begin to seek out other ways to improve their performance.

I designed eProductivity for IBM Notes by starting with the core principles of GTD and finding ways to integrate them into the IBM Notes environment so that even someone unfamiliar with GTD can immediately benefit from the principles. Someone new to GTD or eProductivity may not understand why it works but they do get how it works for them.

eProductivity is the only GTD® Enabled application for IBM Lotus® software. It is also the only productivity software for IBM software that David Allen uses or recommends.

1. Making It All Work, Chapter two, page 17

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