Make your eProductivity lists more effective

This week's eProductivity Tips newsletter featured a much closer look at the powerful Categorized Views and Advanced Views options inside of eProductivity. These views allow you to create highly effective lists inside of eProductivity, and customize everything according to your desired work style.

Because this was a close look at vital eProductivity features, I thought it was well worthwhile to repost here. Enjoy!


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Why is my Lotus Notes so slow?

Slow software is such a drag on productivity, not to mention downright annoying to work with. When you work with the same software, such as Lotus Notes, every single day, even the smallest performance slowdowns can result in huge productivity losses over time.

The good news is, speedier performance is possible if you're armed with the right information.

To give you the inside scoop, Eric Mack wrote an article on the Notes on Productivity blog about improving the performance of your Lotus Notes software.

An excerpt:

As I work with and coach clients around the world that use Lotus Notes, I'm often asked why Notes and their systems in general seem to get slower and slower. While there are many parts to the answer, the good news is that there is much you can do to improve the user experience in terms of performance.

Before we can talk about the things that can be done to speed up Lotus Notes, we must first understand what aspects of your system and Notes affect performance. I have broken these down into three areas: System, Lotus Notes, and User Data. Elements in each of these areas will affect end-user performance. Some are things you can change easily; some are not. Let's take a look.

Read the full article at Notes on Productivity

A Conversation with David Allen - the Essence of GTD

Listen to how David Allen defines the essence of GTD:

[YouTube Link]

IBM business partner: Are you attending Lotusphere?

If you're an IBM business partner - or even if you're not - here's a special Lotusphere session you'll want to attend.

Tomorrow morning, Eric Mack will be speaking about the extraordinary value eProductivity can bring to you and your customers. eProductivity is the only GTD-Enabled solution for Lotus Notes, and it has been proven to compel people to switch from Outlook to Lotus Notes.

Session: "eProductivity - Improving Personal Productivity with Lotus Foundations

  • Presenter: Eric Mack
  • Time: 8:00am on Wednesday, January 20
  • Location: SMB Solutions Lab (Europe 10)

Bonus: We'll be giving away free eProductivity software to attendees!

We're developing a new eProductivity Partner program and in this session, we'll show you how eProductivity can drive your sales. So come on by.

eProductivity featured in new IBM catalog

IBM announced a new Lotus Solutions catalog today, and eProductivity is one of the featured apps. Also cool was seeing eProductivity featured during Kevin Cavanaugh and Mike Masterson's Business Development Day session here at Lotusphere. You can see some pictures over at the Notes on Productivity blog.

Here is a screenshot of eProductivity's featured product page (click to go to the page):


David discusses a senior executive client's story of a productivity transformation. By tapping into the power of GTD and eProductivity-enabled Lotus Notes, this transformation has greatly benefited the people under him and ultimately, the organization.

[YouTube Link]

Bringing out the best in Lotus Foundations

Following up his video about improving the Lotus Foundations customer experience, Dave Lawrence also had this to say about bringing out the best in Foundations.

[YouTube Link]

Improving the Lotus Foundations customer experience

Dave Lawrence is the president of Smart Technology Enablers, Inc. His company resells the fantastic Lotus Foundations product that gives a host of Lotus capabilities in one server box.

Now, even the best products can use some tweaking here and there, and Dave's company has found that eProductivity provides a missing ingredient for Foundations.

See what he has to say about improving the Lotus Foundations customer experience:

[YouTube Link]

Footage taken from an interview with Dave on January 10, 2010.

David discusses how designing computers to help you think rather than just present data is one of the new waves in technology.

[YouTube Link]

David talks about his "aha!" moment when he realized the value of a software-driven GTD Weekly Review, and how eProductivity has implemented that vision.

[YouTube Link]

I've got a special treat for you, courtesy of David Allen himself.

Last weekend, Eric Mack sat down with David and talked about eProductivity, Lotus Notes, IBM, cloud computing, and much more. Graciously, David allowed Eric to record portions of their conversation so that we can share it with you.

I'll be posting new clips every few hours. Here are two clips to kick it off.

[YouTube Link]

[YouTube Link]

eProductivity at Lotusphere 2010

eProductivity is going to be featured at Lotusphere 2010 in a few ways.

On Tuesday, eProductivity's president, Eric Mack, will present a best practices session - "IBM Lotus Notes and Me: Maximizing Personal Productivity with Lotus Notes". Ed Brill is going to be there, and so should you.

On Wednsday, Eric will present a Birds Of Feather session called, “Getting Things Done with IBM Lotus Notes”. This will be a more discussion-oriented presentation with lots of time for Q&A.
Finally, the whole week we will be exhibiting in the Lotus Foundations Lab. For a special treat, come by and see an eProductivity 2.0 sneak peek! eProductivity 2.0 is our new product - currently in private beta - that is designed specifically for Lotus Notes 8.51.

Lotusphere 2010 is just around the corner


Lotusphere 2010 is just over a week away (wow!), and here at eProductivity, we're pretty much swamped getting ready. It's going to be a great event with lots of exciting opportunities for eProductivity.

If you're coming to Lotusphere, please, please get in touch with us. We always enjoy meeting folks face-to-face. So far, the eProductivity team will be Eric Mack and myself. Now that you've got our pictures, you stand about 1% better odds of picking us out of the yellow-clad masses.

If you want to be certain to meet us, get in touch with us via email, phone, smoke signal, and let us know that you'll be there.

See you at the show!

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